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Caricature - Composite Drawing of a Bewigged Figure

Caricature - Composite Drawing of a Bewigged Figure, 1861 - 1863

Pencil on paper.
136mm x 79mm
Purchased, 1980.

Accession Number:



Recto: a male bewigged head in 18th century style, while the body is of a buxom woman Verso: large man facing downward, with expansive hair, maybe by and possibly of William Morris.


Exhibition History

2007-08 Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery; Leighton House Museum, London


Elisa Korb with John Christian and Tessa Sidey.Hidden Burne-Jones, Works on paper by Edward Burne-Jones from Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery. Dan Giles, Ltd., London: 2007. p. 63, B30.

Research Information:

This drawing is part of a set of similar humorous drawings that may have been drawn after Burne-Jones moved to Great Russell Street, London, in 1861. The folds suggest that three hands were involved in this sketch, with Burne-Jones possibly sketching the head. It should be noted however that it is extremely difficult to determine whose hand was responsible for each section, as portions were deliberately drawn to be unrecognisable.