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Sketchbook - Alps, France, Birds and Dogs

Sketchbook - Alps, France, Birds and Dogs, 1878

Mostly pencil with some crayon in Roberson & Co. cloth-bound sketchbook; forty-four sketches over sixty-three pages.
132mm x 91mm
32 [front] / [inside front page] sketch/book of Edward Burne-Jones/drawings done in Switzerland in 1878/ birds copied from a Japanese screen *
Presented by Mrs. Angela M. Thirkell, 1952.

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Forty-nine drawings on sixty-three pages done by Burne-Jones while on holiday with his family in France in 1878. Many of these sketches, particularly the birds, are connected with the 'Romaunt of the Rose'.


Exhibition History

2007-08 Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery; Leighton House Museum, London


Elisa Korb with John Christian and Tessa Sidey. Hidden Burne-Jones, Works on paper by Edward Burne-Jones from Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery. Dan Giles, Ltd., London: 2007. p. 79, B626.

Research Information:

A pocket sketchbook used by Burne-Jones when on holiday in the Haute Savoie region of France in 1878, but also containing birds, some 'copied from a Japanese screen', others from life. These may have been made in connection with paintings from the 'Romaunt of the Rose' series, such as 'Love Leading the Pilgrim' (Tate, London, 5381), begun in 1877. Dr William Hauptman, who identified the mountains in the sketchbook based on topographical features, seems to be correct in assuming it to be in Chamonix. Georgiana Burne-Jones, in 'Memorials' (Vol. II, P. 85), states that a family holiday took place in 'Chamouni', which is probably a phonetical spelling of the town.